The Blue Chimp - Welcome to the realm of the chimpanzee!

The Blue Chimp

The Blue Chimp is our Head of Social Media Marketing and personally responsible for all marketing and sales activities of the Gamer Gadget Gateway and all associated institutions.

The Blue Chimp is also the "Editor in Chief" of the Blue Blog, commenting on all things Gamer Gadget Gateway related and providing updates and other news about Gamer Gadget Gateway, the gaming industry.

The Blue Chimp also takes a position on current global issues and provides information on developments in the e-commerce sector.

The Blue Chimp also hosts a dedicated product category on the Gamers Gadget Gateway e-shop featuring products specifically designed for chimpanzees and other primates. This means highly unique and special offers that are otherwise difficult or impossible to find.

The Blue_Chimps blue chips are always a good deal and the category is always worth checking out.

But that's not all! We've even set up a small mini-shop specifically for the Blue Chimp Label lifestyle products; the so-called Blue Banana Store is all about the blue chimpanzee! Here you will not only find blue bananas but also a complete range of brand label lifestyle products.

In addition to Man's & Woman's Streetwear, you will find a variety of useful little things & decorations for the home; above all, of course, for the gaming room; but The Blue Chimp goes beyond the gaming room and offers lifestyle brand-label products for all walks of life.

Of course, The Blue Chimp also sees itself as a medium of rock & pop culture in the large consumer jungle on the planet of the apes and will certainly also comment on these topics in the Blue Banana Blog!